Anyone who has been to a cyber cafe would word the cafe’s software program and, take note, that an individual’s laptop is linked to the staff’s computer. One issue of Cafe Management is being capable to oversee different computer systems and what their things to do are. That additionally extends to identifying how lots they want to pay the administration for the use of the computers; suitable administration software program is capable to maintain tune of clients and how a lot they have to pay.


Software Features

As individuals become a lot smitten by mobile devices like smartphones and laptops, it becomes less necessary to supply the computers to use; in any case, individuals carry their own computers in their luggage or maybe their pockets.


Several cafes and different Wi-Fi hotspots generally, give wireless access for such individuals due to Wireless Hotspot Software; these days, it’s fairly straightforward for institutions to feature Wi-Fi access, and lots of individuals expect it of places they’re going to. There area unit variety of options asking code possesses so as to manage their customers, like the following:


  • Being able to manage and monitor all the computers from a central location, allows management to keep an eye on what customers do with the computers. This can also allow the management to check on the performance of individual computers, and spot problems should they arise.
  • The fact that the computers can be controlled also limits what individual computers can do. Most managers frown on using their hardware for illicit or illegal activities and can use the software to prevent the computers from being used in such a manner.
  • Time usage of individual customers can also be controlled by the management. The software can check how much time customers have used, and charge them accordingly; alternatively, customers could pay for a certain amount of time, and add as necessary.
  • The software also allows for control of other devices, such as printers. Usage of the printers can also be added to a customer’s bill, allowing for easier accounting.
  • There are also features that allow for easy accounting by logging sales, allowing management to keep track of customers and how much they spend. The system can also organize and filter the data to allow the management to keep records more easily.


  • PanCafe Pro
  • Internet Cafe Management Software for Windows
  • HubSpot for Mac
  • HandyCafe – Most Popular Software
  • Antamedia HotSpot
  • TrueCafe
  • CyberCafePro
  • MyCyberCafe
  • CyberCafe Billing Software

Major Features of the Billing Software


USB Disk Protection
You can select 5 different locations for USB use in the terminals.

You can select as
-USB use is closed
-USB use is open
-USB use is open (Single sign-on)
-USB use is open (with fee)
-USB use is open (Read-only)

You can select a different status for each PC.

USB Data Charging System
You can charge for data transferred to USB Disc. If the charging option is open, you can give a warning message when the USB Disc is mounted.

File/Index Protection Features
Access restriction feature to files that you want in Server PC

Cafeteria System
You can enter purchase-sales prices of stock products, define categories, and examine all activities from reports.

Terminal Icon Editor
You can select terminal status icons from the list as you like. There are more than 150 icon options for 23 different statuses.

Feature to block access such as Task manager, control panel, registry access, and close the session, ms-dos command client, and so on.

Multi-Language Support
With support for multiple languages, you can use in your desired language…

Shortcut Customization
You can appoint 50 different keyboard shortcuts for Account Management and Control.

Customizable Toolbar
You can add frequently used buttons, categorize them and change their lines with the customizable toolbar. You can remove the buttons from the toolbar that you never or rarely use. Besides, you can always access all buttons from the right menu.

Word Filtering System
The browsing of the site will be blocked if words in this list are in the browser window topics when you activate this feature.

Performance Monitor
You can see CPU, GPU, RAM use, and CPU and GPU heats of the PCs open in the performance follow-up tab. Furthermore, you can get warnings for PCs that reach critical values specified in the warning system.

Terminal Login Window Menu
You can separately activate or inactivate 6 different sessions for each PC.

Advanced Tariff System
Thanks to 4 different tariff systems, you can apply different prices to PCs. You can specify different prices for different days and hours. مراهنات رياضية

Internet Pc
Game Pc
Custom Pc

Membership Management
You can add balance to members and enable advance for members. You can select from different price groups for each member and add a gift bonus at the criteria of your will with the bonus system.

Ticket System
You can have your tickets used at the prices and date range. You can also create tickets for members.

Remote Administration / Screenshot
You can capture the screenshot of terminal PCs, monitor them, or administrate them remotely.

Printer Follow up
You can charge printouts sent from terminal PC by using a printer follow-up system. (*Printer should be connected to server PC)

Detailed Reporting System
You can list, print, or record as a file by filtering cash activities, session records, and stock activities separately due to the reporting system.

Cashier Authorizing
Thanks to the cashier authorizing, you block the change of settings of your will of the program by employees or make that section invisible.

Wake Up On Lan Feature
You can open closed PCs over the server PC by using the WOL feature.

Protection Program Control
You can interfere with protection programs such as DeepFreeze, Shadow Defender, and TimeFreeze that may be in terminals over the server PC.

Management of Applications Running
You can interfere with running applications in terminals over the server.

Belonging Follow up
You can control the belongings that you give to terminals. (USB disc, card reader, webcam, etc.)

Theme Support
You can use whatever you like from more than 100 themes.

Opening Announcement
You can notify over the announcement window as text or HTML in the terminal openings.

Audio Warning System
You can get warnings with audio and balloon for 24 different events.

Program Prohibition / Termination
You can block unwanted programs in the terminals.

Message System
Message system between Server-Client

Session Settings
You can set separately for an indefinite time, time limit member sessions.

There is a bit more to running an Internet cafe than simply monitoring the computers. There are other elements to consider with Internet Cafe Software, such as monitoring other related devices, checking how much time users have, making sure that they have records of payment, etc.

One should also keep the other elements in mind, such as how to keep track of how much money is being made. These are all the necessary things needed for running this sort of business and the available software has just the sort of tools needed for cyber cafes to work.







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