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Network Solutions have become easier than ever to establish and join. The Internet, the Web, basic connectivity and telecommunications for data access have allowed the creation of networks for most every social and economic activity in existence today. Palmacedar Limited is a leader in ICT network solutions and services.

The sustenance of most of the organizations is now strictly depends on network infrastructures. If network and its components now stand as the foundation through which all the computer-based information systems are managed, then its selection, installation and maintenance should be committed into the hands of professionals. Palmacedar Limited had carved a niche for herself in the IT industry in delivering quality and best solutions offering. We are fully committed to undisputed standards of networking solutions from Routing to Switching, Security, Wireless and other borderless network solutions. Bringing the best solutions of all times to our valuable customers, we are partners to some strategic OEMs as well as other technology leaders in the world such Cisco systems, D-Link, Systimax, FVC e.t.c

Our Network Solutions and Integration Services