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Palmacedar Limited is a strategic partner of HPE in Nigeria with responsibility to resell and manage HPE products such as HPE servers. At Palmacedar Limited, we design digital services and solutions for businesses to connect people and businesses together through digital platforms and technologies. Of course, we one of the best HPE Partners in Lagos and Nigeria.

HPE Servers

HPE is a worldwide Platform-as-a-Service company focused on transforming your business from the edge to the cloud. By assisting you in connecting, protecting, analysing, and acting on all of your data and apps, from edge to cloud, you will be able to transform insights into results at the pace necessary to flourish in today’s complicated environment.

HPE Servers


HPE Servers

HPE ProLiant Servers

Buy HPE ProLiant servers in Lagos Nigeria

HPE ProLiant servers are designed to make Hybrid IT easier by combining the agility of a contemporary infrastructure with the security of digital asset protection and the cost management of only paying for what you need and use.

HPE ProLiant software defines infrastructure that provides intelligent automation and high availability, reducing operational complexity for conventional applications while speeding up the performance of today’s data-driven workloads.

Security is built into the ProLiant architecture from the outset, making it much easier to safeguard your company data.

HPE ProLiant Server


Rack Servers

HPE Rack Servers

A rack server is  also known as a rack mount server, rack-mounted server, or rack mount computer, is a computer that is designed to fit into a rectangular server rack. Server racks offer better space conservation for rack servers, increased scalability, maximized air flow when combined with a cooling system, and ease of regular computer maintenance and diagnostics.

Rack servers, like other servers, deliver data and services to clients. They’re typically seen in data centres with dozens, if not hundreds, of server racks and cabinet.

Rack servers can easily move in and out of a server rack mechanically. This functionality is useful because it allows system administrators, technicians, and operators to diagnose technical issues and replace parts without having to shut down and disassemble the complete system. Long periods of downtime might result in financial loss, damage, or even death, therefore such a feature is important for mission-critical programs and applications.


ProLiant DL Servers

HPE ProLiant DL Servers

DL server models are rack-based. They are aiming for a balance of density and computational capability.ProLiant Servers offer a comprehensive infrastructure that supports both your company goals and expansion. The HP ProLiant DL server series is an excellent choice for any business seeking for a powerful, scalable rackmount server. The DL server series offers a high amount of internal storage and I/O flexibility.

HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy is the first software-defined infrastructure that is composable. You can assemble and recompose fluid pools of physical and virtual computing, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration to execute any application or task with HPE Synergy.

HPE Synergy is a powerful software-defined solution that lets you build fluid pools of physical and virtual computing, storage, and fabric resources in any configuration for any application.