ICT Solutions & Digital Services Company - Palmacedar Limited

Palmacedar Limited is a provider of enhanced ICT Solutions and Digital Services with focus to leverage on technological innovations.

Network solutions

The sustenance of most of the organizations is now strictly depends on network infrastructures, integrations and optimizations. We are networks experts.


Digital Services

Palmacedar Limited will announce you and your businesses or portfolios to the world through technologies. We develop and deliver contents across the Globe using multiple platforms.



We are software experts, we understand technological trends, business models and peoples’ needs. Therefore, we develop applications and application interfaces that will automate your systems and ease operations.


Systems Integration

Network and its components now stand as the foundation through which all the computer-based information systems are managed. Then its selection, installation and maintenance should be committed into the hands of professionals.

We Are ICT and Digital Services Company in Lagos Nigeria

Our areas of operations revolve around the following services:


Servers & Storages


Routers and Switches

Electronics Security



Network Solutions

We Partner with the Market Leaders
Some of Our Clients - ICT Solutions and Digital Services in Lagos Nigeria

Growing your business is growing and leveraging on technologies...

Explore and open new possibilities with our amazing products and services.
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