20+ Hack & Tips

20+ Hack & Tips compiled by Palmacedar Limited are listed as follows:

  1. Resend your email to people who didn’t open it a few days later. With a different subject line.
  2. Spend the time to figure out how to do something faster if you have to do it more than twice.
  3. Add an image to your Gmail profile for increased open rates.
  4. If you save your PowerPoint presentation in .PPS instead of .PPT, your file goes into slideshow mode when you open it.
  5. Want a quick way to unfreeze a frozen phone? Plug it into its charger.
  6. Hitting the Spacebar scrolls down a web page; hitting the Spacebar + Shift lets you scroll back up.
  7. Laptop batteries can last longer if you charge them up to only 80% instead of the full 100%.
  8. Want to play Tetris on Mac? On Terminal, type Emacs then press Enter. Press Esc + X, type tetris and Enter. Use the arrow keys to move and rotate your Tetris blocks.
  9. To find the solution to one of your many computer troubleshooting issues, add “Solved” to sift through the results.
  10. Saving an Excel file as an .XLSB will shrink the size by half or 75%.
  11. Someone’s incessant morning alarm is going off but the owner is refusing to get up and turn it off? Call the phone to turn it off for them.
  12. To prevent sending emails to the wrong person, write your email first, and write your recipient last.
  13. To paste copied text without the formatting, use Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + V.
  14. Can’t watch YouTube videos that have been age restricted but don’t want to sign in to do so? In the URL, delete the “watch?v=” and replace it with “v/”.
  15. If you live near a stadium or a hall that hosts public venues, set Google Alerts for the location to avoid being “surprised” by sudden traffic congestion.
  16. Want to surprise someone at the airport but don’t know their arrival time or flight number? Google where they’re flying from and to, and the airline they are on e.g.
  17. Set important lists e.g. schedule, events, shopping list, errands, as the wallpaper for your phone.
  18. The easiest way to crank up your smartphone’s speaker volume is using an empty cup.
  19. To delete files or folders quickly without dragging it to the trash bin, just use Shift + Del .
  20. Have a lot of tabs open on Chrome? Use Cmd + 123 to go to specific tabs based on their position, or use Cmd + Tab to just cycle through the tabs.
  21. Pressing down on Cmd then scrolling on your mouse, zooms in or out of the web page you’re on.
  22. In Excel, to highlight the whole row (horizontal) use Shift + Spacebar, and to highlight the whole column (vertical), use Control + Spacebar.
  23. Don’t throw away the box your smartphone came in. They are great, sturdy storage spaces to store charging cables and earphones you want to keep with you while travelling.
  24. To make sure someone isn’t giving you a fake number, read the number back to them incorrectly and see if they correct you. If they do correct you, then it’s the right number.
  25.  Ensure you contact professional cleaning company for the frequent cleaning  of your office or operating environment especially in any environment without air conditioning.