The Leading Programming Language: PYTHON VS PHP


The Leading Programming Language: PYTHON VS PHP


The Leading Programming Language: PYTHON VS PHP. Python is a high level interpreted and object-oriented programming language that enormous library support and is used for developing standalone programs and scripting algorithms for various domains. Although Python can be used for creating of web applications, finance and also connect to database system as it can read and modify files, handling big data, and perform complex mathematics. Python has always been an excellent choice for those learning programming for the first time because of the feature it offers.


Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language. It used for creating dynamic HTML content over the web. It is popularly used to generating XML documents and many more. PHP is also database friendly and can add, delete and modify data in the database. PHP can also be used to control user access and to encrypt data.


  • Python can run on various platforms as it is a portable language.
  • Python offers many prebuilt libraries, which makes development task easily.
  • Python is developed in a way that it can internally deal with memory addresses, garbage collection.
  • Python provide an interactive shell helping the developers to test the things before actual implementation.
  • Python is database friendly and offers database interface to all major commercial DBMS system.


  • PHP runs on diverse platforms like Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X.
  • PHP offers compatibility with almost all servers (Apaches, IIS).
  • PHP runs efficiently on the server-side and is easy to learn.
  • PHP supports a range of databases.


  • Learning and maintaining Python is easy.
  • Python can be executed on various platforms using the same interface.
  • Python provides support and an ideal structure for large codes.
  • Python offers interactive testing and debugging and also support dynamic type checking.
  • Allow integration with Java, C, C++ programming code.


  • PHP has some predefine error reporting constants to generate an error notice or warning.
  • It is easy to use and code than other scripting language.
  • Supports many database, such as Oracle, MySQL, and more thus offer database integration.
  • PHP offers access logging by creating a summary of recent accesses of the user.


Parameter Python PHP





Beginners prefer to start their journey with Python because of its excellent features. PHP has low learning curve; it is easy to get started with PHP. It was not developed as a general-purpose language.


Framework Compare to PHP Python has lower number of Frameworks. Popular ones are DJango, Flask.


PHP has huge number of frameworks. Popular ones are Laravel, Slim.
Syntax Syntax is easy to remember almost similar to human language. Syntax is little bit uncommon compare to Python; it has wide range of naming convention.


Key Features Less line no of code, Rapid deployment and dynamic typing.


Open Source and easy deployment.
Language type It is a general-purpose programming language. It is a web development programming language.


Popular Field







Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Automation task.


Python is fast.


Choice of language in web development.




PHP is 3 times faster.


Maintain Compare to PHP it’s easier to maintain.


Little bit difficult to maintain.
Popularity Pace






After 2016 Python’s popularity is increasing rapidly.


Python provides a powerful debugger called PDB (Python Debugger)


At the same time PHP losing its popularity on stack overflow.


PHP provides the XDebug package for debugging.


  • Python has grown in field of CGI scripting and few years, it now one of the most widely used programming languages for Web Development.
  • Whereas PHP on the other hand is new when it come to Web scripting. Though PHP is a powerful programming language when it was originally released, it would provide same extensibility feature.


Both Python and PHP are similar to each other. For others, python is better that PHP. Python seems to be a winner over PHP. Here is what we would recommend:

  • If you are an experienced PHP programmer, stick to the PHP since you already have knowledge about it.
  • If you are an intermediate programmer, you might want to learn Python, the shift to the PHP.
  • If you are a novice programmer who want to learn frontend and backend development, start learning Python and eventually move to the Python-based frameworks.


Both Python and PHP without any doubt are most preferred programming languages for frontend and backend development, but their own distinguishing points. PHP is based on object-oriented programming while, Python is both object-oriented and procedure-oriented programming. Python is a general-purpose programming language; on the other hand, PHP is not designed for general-purpose programming.

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