Google has revealed details about the Circle-style — an extra piece of information that gives a new user experience about Google Contact. According to the tech company, this extra information will mostly be used by its Workspace users, which provides the opportunity to learn more about your colleagues.

Just as Microsoft launched the latest version of its flagship OS, Google also previewed the upgraded functions of its Contact platform. The new Contact UI is programmed to display a user’s organization chart as well as the tied history with a particular colleague.

This tool organizes the information which includes both meetings and emails for users to “easily learn more about your colleagues and stakeholders.” Still, this new Google Contact revives the unpleasant nostalgic experience where Google encouraged users to access its default interface where Google Plus sorts feed to every active profile simultaneously.

It has been a decade since Google had to quit and rearrange its default  Google Plus that displays for every user in-depth. Other information that displays include Event spams and Emails — which were just a preview of what Google has reportedly developed.

Google did not disclose if this feature will be available for users with a personal account — the new Contact UI is exclusive for users with Workspace and G Suite account which will be influenced by the user’s level of responsiveness on this platform. While this feature will be updated in Google’s Contact next week.

While the initial Google Plus had to fold due to unusual data Privacy breaches which pushed regulators to probes the existence of the platform. Then Google decided to rebrand the whole thing as Currents — its original user-base still finds this platform enticing.

Nonetheless, Google’s products gradually become generally acceptable where Microsoft’s Store has rebranded to accept Android apps that is likely to function on PC. This upgrade also includes the Amazon app store the software company reserved as an inbuilt platform within its Microsoft Store.