1. Create a folder for Control Panel Shortcuts.

This is a great hack for those who need to change system settings at regular intervals and waste their time in finding those settings.

Simply create a folder at the desktop or where you require and set the name of the folder as “{ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c}”. You will get access to all control panel settings. (Important tip: If you use Vista, then don’t use this trick as it may crash your hard drive. Use the trick only if you really really need it.)

  1. Mask website passwords

If you keep your passwords save at the website login page and you think no one could be able to see your password as they are shown in dots or stars, then you are wrong. It is possible to mask passwords saved on any website. In case you forget your password but you kept it as remember then you can mask the password. For that you have to follow the steps:

First, right-click on your password area. A drop-down will appear, and then click inspect element. The code for the webpage will appear and an input type tag will be highlighted. There you have to write text in place of the password. That’s all! You will be able to see your login password.

3.    Convert PDF to Other File Format

This is another amazing hack for people related to the digital marketing field and others as well who are related to the IT sector. If you used to work with different file formats, then this tech trick will be useful for you. You can convert a PDF file into JPG, Word, PPT, or Excel file formats at “smallpdf.com”.