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Creativity and Technology is Our Core

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Our History

Palmacedar Limited is a technology provider of creative and enhanced ICT solutions and digital services

Operating since 2013 with tremendous growth in businesses which based on commitment to excellent customer service experience. We are a knowledge-centric and solution focused enterprise where the nation’s most promising talents converge to offer entrepreneurial innovations, products and services that advance the society.

Our areas of operations revolve around the following services:

  • ICT Services and Solutions
  • Software and Digital Services
  • Consultancy and Trainings

ICT & Digital Services in Nigeria.


Business is like a building which requires strong foundation and platform for growth or expansion. At Palmacedar, we are interested in our customers’ growth. Therefore, we deploy technologies with innovations that make organisations experience ease in flow of business transactions and dealings. We understand the world is no longer a global village but an evolving room. Therefore, our ICT and Electronics solutions are no longer focusing on today but stricly on future.

We help business to grow and expand.

Our Vision/Mission/Values




Our vision is to be the best service delivery partner that assists customers to flourish




We render unusual professional services to help our customers get to where they desire.




Our commitment to our customers  is based on three inspirational words from our name     – Palm a Cedar (PaC)

  •   –     Passion
  •   –     Availability
  • –      Candor

ICT solutions, digital services in Lagos Nigeria, wed development

Our Competence

Network Solutions

Network and Telecommunication

Infrastructure Products and Services


Cloud Technologies &


Digital Services

Digital Solutions, SEO

Digital Marketing and Multimedia

Training & Consulting

ICT Training and

Consulting Services


Software Development: Web

Application and Application Interfaces

Renewable Energy

Power and Renewable Energy

Solutions: Inverter, UPS, Solar…

We Love ICT, We Love What We Do.

Network Solutions

Digital Services



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